Story so far

We started this project in our mid 20’s, as football (soccer) fans who grew up playing video games in the UK. We’d spent thousands of hours playing the big titles, but felt some of the magic of football was missing in these games. We took inspiration from an old flash game, to make our own and offer something different for football fans.

Super Club Soccer is a turn based multiplayer game available to download on Steam for free. When you first load the game, you are guided through the character creation flow. You choose what position you want to play, the style of player and how your character development adjusts over time. Each day you’ll be able to train one of your attributes to improve your player.

The turn based gameplay allows for a much deeper strategic challenge. Rather than adjust sliders and pressing buttons, through communication the potential control you have over tactics and play style is like no other football game. The magic of teamwork and comradery is really captured in this game (in our humble opinion). All characters in the game are created and controlled by real people.

During a match you control all the movement and actions of your player. You can play with and/or against other users real time. Playing with a group of friends is the best way to experience Super Club Soccer. To play regularly against other groups of users, we’ve set up a “Seasons” mode. Players can create or join clubs, which can then compete in tournaments against other clubs.

We’ve built a lot of features in the seasons mode to create a more immersive experience. As a manager, you have different traits available to you. You’ll have full control over the club finances. You decide whether to invest more funds into upgrading team facilities, make a big name signing or give your players higher wages. With the pro license subscription, you’ll get some additional features to use which are particularly helpful.

We’ve got lots more exciting features in the pipeline. Our initial goal is to build up the core userbase. So the focus will remain on improving the user experience. We welcome feedback on the game and encourage users to join our official discord. You’ll be able to chat with other players and have direct communication with us.