Super Club Soccer


The Story So Far

Our vision when starting this project, was to build a game and a community around a game that push the boundaries of soccer tactics. No sliders; No buttons; Just creativity, teamwork and high pressure situations. Giving players control of their player attributes and how they perform in matches.

As we learnt from the global pandemic, the social side of football is so fundamental to the game. As fans of the beautiful game, we felt like there was something missing in the big game titles. We took inspiration from an old flash game, but put our own twist on it. Our player base is vital in shaping our games future.

Key Features

To learn more about how these features work head to our Youtube channel for tutorials and guides

Turn Based Gameplay

Super Club Soccer’s gameplay is turn based, this allows for a soccer game more focused on decision making.

The turn based gameplay creates a tactical football match where positioning is key, scouting is vital and any wrong decision can cost your team or make you a hero.

Match Engine

We have developed our match engine always keeping in mind realism and logic, however you choose to play you can be successful in Super Club Soccer. With our ground breaking new AI developed using machine learning technology, The single player match experience can be just as competitive as online games.

Our unique player momentum system means you always have to plan ahead to avoid getting caught out. If you have a footballing brain then Super Club Soccer is the place to test it out.

User Decisions

User Decisions are at the heart of Super Club Soccers Gameplay, whether its a movement decision, a choice of action or how you train your players those decisions matter.

This sense of consequences make Super Club Soccer a unique soccer game with unique and varied challenges.

Tactical Gameplay

Our main aim with Super Club Soccer is to create a realistic and competitive match engine to encourage competitive matches.

These matches mainly take place in our seasons mode which brings all the active teams in our game together to compete against each other in leagues and cups.

These competitons take place in 5vs5 matches or full 11vs11 games

Future Plans

As we move through the development process and closer to full release we have lots of long term aims for our game

You can stay up to date by following our twitter or heading over to the news page

Training update!

Currently our training is functional but limited

We will be adding some minigames to the training system.


In order for Super Club Soccer to be as accessible as possible we are always on the look out for translators. If you are fluent in a language not currently in the game and have some free time, let us know on Discord or contact us and we can help you get started!

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