Welcome to our Dribbling guide. We will break down keys stats and how to make the most of them.

Attributes For Dribbling

Consider Opposition Tackling As Well

To be a strong dribbler, there are only 3 key attributes. These are highlighted in the graphic. However, knowing when to dribble and how far to dribble is arguably more important. 

There are multiple factors to consider, when attempting a dribble. Momentum and positioning are very important if both players have similar levels of dribbling and tackling. 

As well as considering where you want to dribble, you also have to assess how far you think opposition players can run. In some situations you will be trying to avoid being reached, if the defender has very strong tackling. So taking advantage of a defender’s poor momentum is the only option in this example.

Dribble Into Space To Break Stubborn Defences
Players Who Fail Tackles Stay In Position

Dribbling Tips

Dribbling can often be the only way to unlock a defence. If all teammates are marked, having dribbling skills can really help to create an attack. 

Sometimes only a short dribble is required, however other players could catch you up if they have good momentum. Long dribbles are risky, but they can also lure a defender to jump in and fail a tackle.

Momentum does impact dribbling, so try to avoid changing direction significantly. Having good momentum may avoid a defender reaching you completely.

If a player attempts to tackle you and fails, they will only be able to move a short distance on the next turn. Also, if a defender fails a tackle, they won’t be able to tackle the next turn. 

Long Dribbles Are Great When You Have Lots Of Space

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