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FAQ – Club Facilities

Club Facilities

Each club has its own stadium and training ground. It’s up to the manager if they want to use club funds to upgrade them. If you’d like additional information, please let us know.


As you upgrade your 11v11 stadium, the income received per match increases. However, as a club grows in size the core fans can get diluted. Despite bringing in more money, a new stadium will slightly decrease the “home advantage” a club has.

Level 1 – 100,000 income per match
Level 2 – 200,000 income per match
Level 3 – 300,000 income per match
Level 4 – 400,000 income per match
Level 5 – 500,000 income per match

5v5 stadiums bring in 50% of the income. The upgrades for 5v5 stadiums are purely cosmetic. 

Training Ground

Every club starts with a basic training ground with no training multiplier for players. A higher level training ground increases the training multiplier for all players in the club. 

Upgrade Requirements

To upgrade facilities, the club manager needs to meet the level requirements.

To upgrade to a level 2 club facility, the manager needs to be level 4.

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