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FAQ – Manager Tasks

Manager Tasks

We have given information on the most common tasks you will perform as a manager. If there are additional topics you’d like to be added, please let us know.

Assistant Managers

Assistant managers can be useful in many different ways. As an inexperienced manager, you may want to look for an assistant manager job first. Then you can learn more about the game, before starting your own club. See below, for how to apply to be an assistant manager.

As a main manager, you can set the permissions of your assistant manager. You’ll get a notification when another manager applies to be assistant. Once you’ve accepted an application, see below for how to set the assistant permissions.

Trial Contracts

Trial contracts are particularly useful when starting to build a team. You can trial new players in your team and offer more permanent deals to those who train regularly and attend matches on time. See below, for how to enable trial contracts.

The optimal wage for an 18yo player is 20,000. This is the default wage for trial contracts although you can adjust it if you wish. We recommend to keep the trial contract length short. We encourage you to try and contact your new players as soon as possible. Offer permanent contracts to players you want to keep at the club.

Club Finances

A key aspect of being a manager in Super Club Soccer is managing the finances of your club. 



Here are some ways to generate funds for your club in Super Club Soccer:

  • Play matches in your home stadium. You get 100% for tournament matches and 60% for friendly matches.
  • Place high in tournaments to earn prize money.
  • Sell players

Here are some ways to spend your funds in Super Club Soccer:

  • Player wages. Each time a player trains, they’ll use money from the bank balance.
  • Upgrade club facilities.
  • Buy players on the transfer market.

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