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FAQ – Manager Tools

Manager Tools

With the pro license subscription, you have more tools to use as a manager. Just to be clear, these tools aim to make your life easier as a manager. These tools are particularly useful when playing with new users, as will be explained below. 

Bot control

While building a team, you probably won’t have a fully active team straightaway. As our bot players aren’t the smartest, it’s really useful to have the ability to control them.  Only 1 bot can be controlled per turn. See below, for how to select a bot to control during a match.

Paint tool

During a match, you may want to give your players visual help in real time. The paint tools can help your players in a variety of situations. You could identify a good area to pass the ball, or highlight an opposition player to mark. Only players on your team are able to see the annotations. See the clip from our tutorial video, using the paint tool.

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