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FAQ – Manager traits

Manager Traits

Please see below the current list of manager traits with some information you may find helpful.

Set Piece Specialist

Tactical Tweaker

All teams have the option to take a quick throw-in. However, with set piece specialist you enable your team to take quick corners and/or quick free kicks. This gives you the opportunity to take the set piece before the defending team has a chance to set-up properly. 

Adjust the mentality of your players during a match. You can be more attacking minded, which will boost their attacking attributes. However, that would cause a negative impact on their defensive attributes. 

Versatility Booster

Player Motivator

Players playing out of position for your team will gain familiarity in new positions faster.

If your players are low in confidence at half time, provide them a boost to change things round in the 2nd half of the match.

Physio Trainer

Finance Expert

Give your players a condition boost at half time. This is particularly useful for younger players, who will have a lower stamina attribute.

As part of each transfer, the receiving team will be taxed slightly on the money they receive. This trait reduces the tax amount.

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