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FAQ – Player attributes

Player Attributes

Here is a brief description of all player attributes available to users in the game.
Note: One Touch and Header actions have been disabled in the live game currently. This is due to some bugs which we will address in the future.

Along with momentum, this dictates how quickly you can run across the pitch.

This impacts how quickly you can reach your maximum speed.

How well you can change direction without losing too much momentum.

How quickly you lose condition during a match. Your actions during a match are impacted slightly by your condition. 

Good balance will help you perform actions better while running.

Jumping is important for actions which are performed in the air.

When you’re in close contact with opposition players, strength is a key attribute. 

An attribute which provides an all-round boost to your actions with ball.

Improves your accuracy with a high pass action.

Improves your accuracy with a low pass action.

[Currently disabled]

Will provide you the ability to speed up attacks and put more pressure on defenders.

[Currently disabled]

Will allow you to interact with high passes & crosses with your head, in a one touch action.

Impacts how accurate and potentially how powerful your shot is from long distance. 

Useful for all shooting scenarios.

The most important attribute when trying to dribble past an opposition player.

The most important attribute when trying to tackle an opposition player with the ball.

Improves your free kicks and corner kicks only. You still require other attributes (such as passing/shooting) for the set piece to be accurate.

Useful for all passing & shooting actions. Some more than others. 

Although blocking is the primary factor for a successful block, positioning is just as important.

An important goalkeeper attribute if you frequently interact with incoming crosses.

A dynamic attribute which becomes more important the closer you are to a shot location.

Improve your chances of keeping hold of saves with better handling. Also an important attribute when trying to tackle with hands.

The key attribute if you’re looking to parry an incoming shot. Also useful when tackling with hands.

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