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Fights And Recieves

Welcome to our guide on receiving the ball. Here you will learn about positioning and fights for ball.

Understanding Fights & Recieves

Recieve The Ball As Early As Possible


Unsurprisingly, receiving the ball is key in Super Club Soccer. Without being able to receive the ball consistently, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your attributes are!

Receives happen whenever the ball is not at the feet of a player, whether it be directly from a pass or perhaps a rebound.

If opposition players are nearby, you’ll want to receive the ball as soon as possible. This means receiving along the ball path early. If the ball is received at the same time by 2 or more players, the players will enter into a fight for the ball.

The Ball's Position Is Indicated By The Ball On The Pass Arrow
Train These Stats To Help Win Fights

Fight For Ball Situations

Fight for balls are mainly dictated by player attributes. The stats that are most important for winning fight for balls have been highlighted in the graphic.

However, there are some ways to boost your chance of success. Reaching the ball first will provide a small boost. If multiple players from your team are challenging for the ball against a single opponent, then you and your teammates will receive a small boost.

Another way to boost your chance of coming out on top is through positioning and scouting. Before a match, take a look at the attributes of the opposition players. Try to identify players you have more chance of winning fights against and inform your teammates.

Two Players Enter Into A Fight That Is Detirmined By Their Stats

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