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Welcome to our managment guide, here you will learn about creating a manager, a club and the day to day managment tasks required of you.

Creating Your Manager & Club

Design Your Managers Appearance
Design Your Managers Appearance

When starting your journey in management, you can join an existing club as an assistant or start a club from scratch. 

Club creation is as you would expect, selecting the club name, stadium name and kit colour. You can also set your preferred playing time, so that potential players know when your matches will be played.

As manager performing tasks over time will upgrade your level. Level upgrades provide skills points to use to gain advantages in matches. Moving up the levels also provides the ability to upgrade your facilities.

Upgrade Facilities For Financial Or Training Boosts

Recruiting Players

Setup Trial Contacts And Be Sure To Display Your Playing Days

The best way to find new players is through the trial contract system, which allows you to display which positions you are looking for and the days you plan to play on. Following this, players will apply to spend a trial period with the club, during which time you should try to play some matches to assess their ability and how they suit your style. Finding players who are reliable and good communicators is priceless!

Another way to find players is through our official Discord server. Head to the #roles channel to indicate to others on the server that you are looking for players. You may also see players online who have tagged themselves as “looking for a club”, so make sure to contact them.

The final place to find new players is through the transfer market. If a player is with a club but not getting playing time the manager may list them. You can also see active new players who aren’t signed to a club on a permanent contract yet.

The Transfer Market Is A Great Place To See Players Who Are Available

Playing matches

Propse A friendly
Arrange Friendlys By Visiting The Club Home Page

As mentioned above, playing friendlies is a great way to help your new players learn as a group. Ladder matches are also an option if you want to play at the same time regularly.

You can propose a friendly with any club in Super Club Soccer, at a time that is agreed by both managers. Approach people in the #friendly-matches section of discord. Both clubs will also get some money by playing the fixture.

Playing matches not only improves your team chemistry, it boosts your management level and provides your club with valuable finances.

Friendly Matches Provide Financial Incentives For Both Teams

Compete In Tournaments

5-A-Side Group Stages Happen Before Knockout Football

Although friendly matches are important in building your club, competitive matches are the best way to fully experience SCS.

There are tournaments scheduled throught the season, so even if you create a club midway through you may be able to enter some tournaments. You can also register to the waiting list of a tournament, to be able to join for the next season.

Moving forward we will be launching some age limited competitions. These snapshot competitions will provide a balanced game experience for new players, as well as older users looking to try out their tactics in more evenly matched games.

Competitive Games Feel More Meaningful & Important

Check Out Our Video On Managment

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