Welcome to the shooting guide for Super Club Soccer, here we will break down everything you need to know about goal scoring in Super Club Soccer.

Attributes For Shooting

Shoot Hard Or Controlled
You Can Choose To Shoot Hard Or Controlled

There are two shooting options, as well as some extra tricks for effective goalscoring. The two main options have you shooting hard or taking a more controlled approach to shooting.

The key stats for shooting are finishing, technique and long shot if you are outside the penalty area. Curving is also useful and balance is likely to impact most actions you attempt.

Train These Stats To Boost Effective Shooting

Hard Shot Tips

Hard Shots Can Be Inaccurate

Shooting hard means that the ball will travel faster and therefore be harder for a goalkeeper to reach. Use this option if the goalkeeper has closed down your angle or if your shooting stats are not as good.


Due to randomness the amount of pressure your player is under can impact the accuracy of hard shots in particular, this is why it is not always the right option.


Shooting hard is useful when you are unsure of goalkeeper momentum and positioning as there is less emphasis on aiming for the corners, placing this shot down the middle can still yield good results

Hard Shots Are More Difficult To Save

Controlled Shot Tips

Aim Your Shots
Controlled Shots Exploit Bad Positioning

Controlled shots are most useful when the goalkeeper has made a positional mistake, shooting controlled gives you more chance of aiming effectively so can be used to aim for the corners.


With a fixed speed attached to the shot you should only use it when there has been a mistake by defenders or goalkeepers leaving an area of the goal unprotected.

Aim Your Shots
Controlled Shots are best aimed at the corners

High Pass Goal Tips

Lob The Keeper
If The Keeper Is Off His Line Lob Them With A High Pass

The final way that you could score a goal is by using a high pass instead of either shooting option.


If a goalkeeper is off the goaline you can aim a high pass to drop into the space behind him, defenders can cover this but you can also have attackers following in for a tap in.


When attempting this you should be aware of goalkeeper momentum as if they have it they are likely to reach the ball before it crosses the line.


Backup The Keeper
Defenders With Good Momentum Can Stop This Attempt

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