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In this guide, we break stats down to tell you exactly what each does.

These Stats Are Most Useful In FFB Situations

Physical Stats


Acceleration impacts how quickly a player will reach their top speed. 


Simply the top speed of your player, which is crucial to getting around the pitch.


Agility helps when changing direction. With low agility, a player won’t be able to run very far when changing direction. Agility also helps to evade tackles when dribbling.


Stamina, like balance is a key attribute in most actions. Every match you start with full condition, but it will reduce over time as you perform actions. Physical actions will cause a player to lose more condition. With high stamina, a player won’t lose as much condition performing actions.

These Stats Help You Move The Ball To Teammates

Offensive Stats


This determines the quality of placement for your shots, high finishing makes the shot less likely to divert from where it is aimed.


Curving determines how much spin is on the ball. The higher this stat the harder it is for the ball to be blocked or saved.

Long Shot 

Long shot dictates the player’s ability to successfully hit the target from a distance.


A high dribble attribute will make it tougher for defenders to tackle you. A player with low dribbling may find their dribble deviate slightly, due to their poor ball control.

Set Pieces

 How well your player will interact with set piece situations, like free kicks and corners.

These Stats Will Help You Defend In SCS

Goalkeeping Stats

Aerial Ability:

 How well will the goalkeeper interact with the ball in the air for crosses and high passes


The ability of the goalkeeper to hold the ball instead of spilling it.


Anticipation allows your keeper a better chance completing the parry


 This stat determines how quickly a keeper reacts to a shot, it is most important when the keeper is close to the shot taker.

Fight For Ball Stats


Strength determines the effectiveness of your player in muscling others off the ball. You can apply Strength to tackles as well as fights for the ball.


This stat is the effective jumping reach of your player. It will boost your ability in fights for high passes and will boost your chance at an effective header in the future.


Balance is a very versatile stat that is linked to momentum. Good balance allows your player to stay on their feet and maintain composure while running at high speeds.

These Stats Help Your Player Get Around The Pitch

Passing Stats


Technique is vital for all “on the ball” actions and receives. 

High Pass

A higher value in this attribute makes your high passes and crosses more accurate.

Low Pass

A higher value in this attribute makes your low passes and crosses more accurate.


This stat determines how well your player will perform heading actions. A higher stat will increase the accuracy and reduce the chance of missing a header completely.

One Touch 

Similar to heading, the one touch attribute will help significantly with accuracy and reduces the chance of missing the ball completely.

These Stats Will Help Your Goalscoring Efforts

Defensive Stats


The ability of a player to tackle an individual to successfully tackle another player.


 This stat determines the likelihood that your player can get in the way of the ball and stop shots and passes reaching their destination.

These Stats Will Help You Prevent Goals

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