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Training your players is a key component in having success in super club soccer. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of training

Train Daily To Perform Better

Daily Training

Our daily training allows you to continuosly upgrade your stats and improve your players ability.

Each day your player is able to access training choose a stat to upgrade and improve your pro over time.

You can also log in every few days and use our repeat training feature if there is a specific attribute you want to focus your player on.

Repeat Training Lets You Train The Same Attribute As The Day Before
The Better Your Clubs Training Facilities The Better Your Player Will Train

Wages And Training

How well your player trains can be improved by a variety of factors, the facilities of your club can provide a percentage boost to all training this can mean your players improve faster and stay at their peak longer.

Wages are also very important to a players training the higher a players wage the more consistent their training output will be.

The Higher Your Wage The Better You Will Train
Your Physical Stats Will Recieve The Largest Downgrades

Stat Deterioration

Depending on whether your player peaked early, mid or late your players stats will eventually begin to decrease the biggest decreases will be seen in the early build. These decreases will begin to happen slowly from their mid 20’s with the biggest decreases happening as they reach their 30’s 

The decreases will mainly be to physical stats however there will be random decreases as well. The standard build is less punishing than the early build you will begin to notice decreases as these players reach the age of 31.

Late peak players are the least punished however as is obvious it takes longer to reach their peak their attributes will only start to decrease as they reach their mid 30’s making them more useful for longer.

When will you peak
Depending When You Peak Determines When Your Stats Deteriate
Spend Special Action Points On New Abilities

Special Actions & Positional Awareness

When you create a player he will perform best in whichever position is natural to him. If your player is in an unnatural position his stats will take a hit the more time your player spends in a position the more comfortable they will become until they are natural in more than one position.

As you play matches your player will unlock special action points, you can use these to gain new options when on and off the ball.

These options range from a switch in momentum to a sliding tackle. In order to unlock different options you will need a specific level in a related stat for example for momentum switch the related stat may be agility.

The More You Play A Position The Better Your Familiarity

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