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As we’ve said many times, we don’t want to give you guys something that we wouldn’t want to play ourselves. We’ve had some unforeseen issues related to the match engine in the last few months. I think we are past the worst of it now, so please hold tight!

How can you help us?

Everyone we’ve spoken to has been really positive in anticipation for the release and we’re so excited to play with you guys! To make the most of the beta phase, we want to get as much feedback from you as possible. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we won’t be able to fix everything before the Steam early access release. We’ll fix the highest priority issues before going on Steam and fix the other stuff as we go. Here are the key areas that we really want to know from you:

It’s a controversial topic that I’m sure most of you will have an opinion on. What we need is detailed feedback with stats to back up your experience.

What specific action have you got concerns with and what player position & build did you select? Is the action failing too often? If so, we’d appreciate an approximate percentage of failure. Likewise for something being too overpowered.

We want to give you as much information as possible, without taking space away from the pitch. If anything on the screen is annoying you or too distracting, then other people will think the same in the future… so please tell us now! And remember to be specific. Tell us exactly why it sucks. Too big? Too small? Too thick? Too thin? Too bright? Too dull?

We’ll be monitoring the server load regularly but we’d also like to hear your personal experience. Our focus will be on reducing the latency (lag) for as many of you as possible. What we’ll need to know is your location (town/city), your internet speed and the time of day (include timezone) you tried to play. It would be great if you could try a few different times so we get a good spread of data. Please include good & bad experiences!

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  1. Caio 30th July 2018

    Olá sou do Brasil, quero saber se o jogo vai der 11×11 ou tipo futsal, tem que ser 11×11 pra ficar bem competitivo

    • Tirath Singh 3rd August 2018 — Post author

      Olá, ambos os modos estarão disponíveis em beta

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