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November update

It’s all starting to come together now as we get to the end of November. I thought I should give a brief update on what’s been happening in the development and marketing world of Super Club Soccer.

India trip

We started off the month in India to finish off month of the match engine design and get to know the team better. I spent a lot of the time drawing stuff on the whiteboard! Our hotel, ITC Gardenia, was amazing and I just had to put up a picture of the hotel lobby for you guys.

Development update

A lot of the match UI work has been done, so I should be able to get some more screenshots for you guys next week. There’s just a few small tweaks that need to be made on colours and arrows. We’ll have pictures up on the Facebook page as soon as they’re ready!

The main development focus at the moment is on the match engine, which should be coming together early next month. Once that’s in a decent state then we can try and get it to some of you guys before Christmas to have a play around with.

Marketing update

The trailer is coming very soon and once that’s published, we’ll look to get the game on Steam direct. As I mentioned previously, we’ll need all of you to vote when the time comes! In the meantime, Beefjack have been scouting out online influencers suitable for our game. Once the game is playable, hopefully they’ll make some exciting content for you guys and their followers to enjoy!


As always you can reach me on the forums, our social pages or via email!

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