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Character Creation

Welcome to our Character Creation guide, we will walk you through all aspecet of creating a legendary player or manager in Super Club Soccer

Designing Your Character

Choose Your Look

When creating a character you first choose your Name, preferred number and position.

Every position on the football pitch is available, allowing your player to fit into any position that you want.

You can customise your appearance choosing from a wide array of hair cuts, tattoos and accessories to personalise your pro.

You are not only able to create players in Super Club Soccer but managers as well, with their own designs and traits.

Read the Management Guide to learn more about manager and club creation.

Pick Your Playing Position

Choosing Your Build

Pick A Build Type

Each position has various build types available. Each build gives a unique starting point for you to build from. 

When choosing your build you also are able to select how your player will reach their peak. Will they be a bright young star with an early retirement or will they be your clubs ever present, with consistent training and growth.

Will they be a midfield enforcer or an out and out finisher? The different builds provide a template, but it is up to you how you train during your career.

With a Pro Licence subscription, you are able to create a custom build which allows you to tailor your players stats exactly to suit you. If you want to be a strong, fast finisher a custom build allows you to become exactly that.

When will you peak
Choose What Age To Reach Your Potential

Train Your Stats

Train Your Stats Daily To Improve

Now that your character is created, it’s time to use our daily training system to upgrade your stats and become an even more effective player.

Choosing the areas of the game to improve is difficult. It can be tempting to max out one attribute and dominate in that area of the game. Or you can become balanced and perform well in multiple areas. Only you know the best option!

For a complete overview on all the attributes, head over to our Complete Guide To Stats where we go in depth into what each stat offers you.

Or to get more in depth info about training head to our Training Guide

Use Repeat Training To Upgrade Specific Stats

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