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“The customer is always right! Well… most of the time.”

Why have a forum?

Having a public forum is a great way to communicate with past, present and future customers, especially in the eSports industry. If a large percentage of your user-base is complaining about the same thing, then you should probably listen to them. Even if it means a temporary price reduction or investing money into feature enhancements. Keeping your loyal user-base happy will pay off in the long run. However, having a forum can really backfire if you neglect the opinion of your customers. What was once a place for well thought out comments can quickly turn into complaints with no constructive feedback. The negativity quickly spreads and customers feel they have no voice to shape the game they spent so much time and money on.

The SCS Forums

For us, we have the luxury of getting customer feedback before the prototype is even built! As most of our users have come from Football Identity, they already have a clear idea of the game concept. By sharing their experiences of Football Identity with us, we can identify good and bad bits about their journey. Everyone’s journey was unique; How they joined, how they learnt the mechanics of the game and their interactions with other players in the game.

Each week we have a new forum topic in the feature suggestion section to keep users engaged and build some hype around the game! At the moment the forum is fairly quiet as we don’t really have anything to show for the last 5/6 months of work. Once we start building the prototype, then we’ll have more cool stuff to share!

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