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August Update

As the new football season kicks off, it felt like a good time to update everyone on the progress of the game. We are getting closer to the early access release, which will bring more eyes onto the game. Before we get there, we’re just polishing off some features of the game.

The changes have been split between menu and match related improvements.

Match changes

We’d like one more iteration of AI improvements before releasing. We’ve identified some common behaviours which we’d like to fix. An example of this is when multiple bots go for the same ball unnecessarily. 

We want to improve our momentum logic, as it can feel quite extreme in certain situations. We’ll be adjusting how players transition between low to high momentum.

We’ve given users the ability to adjust the camera position and zoom. One common request we had was to be able to lock the custom zoom. So that’s what we’re going to add!

We noticed the GK would sometimes fail to receive a pass from an opposition player. Even though this has happened in real football, it’s something we know will lead to frustration.

We’re also making it clear on the action menu for GK’s when the action is a pass or shot.

Menu changes

To guide new users through the more complex aspects of the game, we’re adding hints & tips around the menus. 

This is linked to the tutorials. Just to make the flow of the first session easier for new users.

A variety of fixes, just to make the game look a bit more polished! Making sure page elements are properly aligned, buttons are in the right places and unnecessary text is removed.

Some adjustments to the pro license menu and the advertised features. We’re also adding a dynamic pro license badge, so players can show off their support for the game. 

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  1. Michael Lucas 25th September 2019

    we can do a chip in to spread the game, what do you think about it

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