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We’re finally here… Early Access launch!

I want to start off by thanking all the people in our discord channel who helped test the game. Without their help it would have taken a lot longer to get to this point. Very much appreciated <3

What to expect in early access

We’re looking to run the game in early access for 3-6 months.  This will give us enough time to complete development on the “seasons” features and do sufficient testing.  As characters will be reset once the season begins, you can treat early access as a bit of a sandbox experience.


Play around with different positions & builds to see what suits your play style. During early access you'll be able to create older players. However, this is just a temporary feature.

Match engine

Get to grips with the subtle complexities of the match engine. Experiment with different styles and tactics for both 11v11 and 5v5 modes.

Discord events

If you need a few extras in your game, the discord channel is the best place to find people. We'll also organise regular ladder events and other tournaments to compete in.

What features are coming soon

Competitive games are what separates the men from the boys (and ladies from the girls). To be in a position to have competitive games at a large scale, there are 3 main components which need to be added to the game. Together they will make up the “seasons” release, along with other improvements.

Managers are going to be a key part of the game. They’ll be responsible for transfers, tactics and the team identity. They’ll also have traits to give them extra ways to build a unique profile. For example, one trait gives a manger the ability to boost player condition at half time.

With pro license, managers will also be able to give help & advice to their players during games using paint tools. The paint tools allow the manager to draw directly on the pitch (only visible to their team). Note: If a manager abuses the paint feature, players will have the option to hide it!

As you’d expect, managers will need to create a team to bring together players and compete in tournaments. All teams start with the same budget, but how managers choose to spend their money is completely up to them. Invest in better training facilities, upgrade your stadium or splash out on a star player. There’s also multiple ways for the team to earn money.

A team can compete in up to 3 tournaments per season. Each season will last approximately 3 months. Tournaments will vary in format, to give teams a choice on how they earn money. League tournaments are a consistent way to pay the bills, but a cup win could see a quick boost to the finances. Tournaments will be played across multiple days & times, to suit all time-zones. 

What are the aims for early access

It’s been the main focus during beta testing and it will continue to be a key priority. Before we get serious with tournaments, we want to minimise the risk of any bugs impacting match results. 

We need to do some stress testing on the game server with bigger concurrent numbers. Similar to the match engine stability, we don’t want any server issues to impact tournaments down the line.

We intentionally kept quite a small community during the beta testing phase. The game still has a long way to go, but hopefully now it’s polished enough to appeal to a larger audience. We NEED a big and diverse userbase, to push the limits of the game and to promote creativity/innovation. We also need consistent and stable userbase, rather than a quick boom on release day. But don’t worry about that, we’ve got lots of plans to keep people invested for the long term.

Everything is about data these days. To help us make decisions on pricing, features and everything else… we will be looking at the data. We have plenty of ideas on where we want to take the game but we also know we are providing a service to you guys. Before making decisions, we will always take the time to listen to feedback and look at the data.

One other thing analytics is useful for is advertisements and sponsorships. Rather than taking money from you, we’d prefer to use our platform to connect you with companies using non-intrusive ads and sponsorships. 

Early Access Tournaments

We’ll be running a ladder tournament throughout Early Access for you and your friends to compete in. More details to come soon, but it’ll probably be 2 nights a week (Sunday & Wednesday). Occasionally we’ll run KO tournaments with prize rewards for the top 8 teams in the ladder! We’ll give details on our social media pages and discord, so make sure you’re following us.

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  1. ANESTI 3rd June 2020

    Es ist sehr gute game

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