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October update

As I haven’t done one of these in a while, this update is a random collection of stuff. We just passed 200 likes on the Facebook page so big thanks to everyone who is supporting us! We do have something planned to reward you guys, but more on that in the next blog.

Beefjack – who are they?

If you follow our twitter account, you’ll have seen we partnered up with Beefjack Promote for the rest of the year. If you don’t follow our twitter, you should! We’ve already done a few giveaways, so make sure you don’t miss the next one.

Anyway, back to Beefjack. So they’re a marketing agency who are helping us to get more eyes on the game. You will have noticed our social media accounts being a lot more active recently and they’ll continue to manage them until the game goes live. Once the game is in a playable state, they’ll also look to attract some “online influencers” to try it out. Hopefully some big names from Youtube, maybe even some ex-footballers as well. Of course if you have any links with people in the industry please reach out to us!

Game trailer coming soon!

In the release plan I previously shared, I said we’d be looking to get on Steam direct around mid October. We’re gonna delay that so we have a more polished game trailer and hopefully get some good in-game footage to use. Once that’s ready we’ll put out a press release with help from Beefjack. We’ll keep you updated on that through our social media pages.

Trip to India

This has come out of the blue really, but my personal circumstances have allowed me to take a few days off next week and travel to Bangalore! It’s a crucial time in the development of the game and I look forward to visiting the team. I’ll be focusing on the match engine logic and having 2 full days together will really help.


As always you can reach me on the forums, our social pages or via email!

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