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The release plan

Unfortunately there isn’t much to share with you guys at the moment. We’re currently working on the player animations and converting a lot of the designer sketches (haircuts, kits etc) to the unity engine. As I get screenshots that I can share, I’ll be uploading them to our Instagram page so make sure you follow that!

Dates to look out for

Something I can share with you is our high level release plan with some rough dates:

Mid November
Over the next few weeks we’ll be creating the assets to use for the Steam direct application. Steam direct (previously called Steam greenlight) is a platform that all new Steam games go on. The public can see upcoming games and vote/comment on games they like the look of. The most popular games are approved by Valve, so that’s when we need your help to get as many positive votes/comments on our page as possible! Don’t worry I’ll be spamming you guys when the time comes, so you won’t miss it.

Early December
The core functionality of the game will be complete at this point and we’ll be looking to create a press release, if we have been approved in Steam direct. There is a small chance we might be able to package it up and let you guys have a play around with it, but I’ll have to confirm nearer the time.

Mid January
Early access launch! This is dependant on the Steam direct approval, but we should be code complete by this point. Again we’ll need your help to spread the word and share with your friends. Once we do go live, we’ll start organising some tournaments on the forums for you to get involved in.


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  1. Kuba 18th October 2017

    Hello, I’ve played fid for a year or so in 2010, then started again a bit in 2014 or so, so that’s how I came here. Erm, what programming language do you use?

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