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Summer Lockdown

It’s a summer like no other and it has had devastating effects for many families and communities around the world. Video games have kept many people connected virtually, when physical connection has not been an option. Although working remotely has slowed down progress slightly, we’re determined to keep going. We will continue to fix bugs and add new features to provide an enjoyable experience for all our players.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, but I will be doing them more regularly going forward. We want to remain transparent with those who have continued to support the game. I wanted to start off by sharing our current priorities and some of the marketing plans.

In the last few weeks we have focused our efforts on bug fixes. We’ll continue to provide regular updates and target the highest priority issues. As a minimum, we will continue to do this for our core users and fit in new features whenever possible. We really appreciate your patience during this time. 

Our approach with the match engine is to make regular and small adjustments. This allows us to assess the impact of each change. Our current focus is getting the balance right between player movements and ball speeds.


Something we get a lot of feedback on is our new user experience. For the game to be successful, this is something we need to keep improving. In particular, we’re making some changes to how trial contracts work. Trial contract ads will expire after 7 days, to ensure new players only see ads from the clubs that need players.

We have some more improvements planned, but we welcome additional feedback you have. 

We’ve been advertising on social media platforms to build up our following. We’ve seen an encouraging number of new users from it, but that’s just the start of our plans.

We’ve been working on a new game trailer, which will be much more informative for people unfamiliar with the game. We’re also going to work with some influencers to append the trailer in their videos for more exposure.

We’ll also be working directly with some influencers to play the game and share their experiences. We have some fun ideas/scenarios planned, which we hope you’ll enjoy. We will be selecting the influencers carefully, but if you have any suggestions (from non-English speakers perhaps) then we’d love to hear them!

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