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Winter 2020

Winter 2020 Plans

We have a lot of things planned this winter, so it felt like a good time to give you guys an update. We had some server issues earlier in the month but they’ve settled now, so we can push ahead with more of the fun stuff! I’ll also include a little bit on our marketing plans at the end.

Upcoming patch info

For 5v5 there was a slight mismatch between the server and UI. This lead to a few goals which looked like they were going wide.

We’re making some changes to the logic, for the passing randomness. Our current logic applies too much randomness to short distance passes (sometimes leading to them going opposite direction).

This is specifically related to shooting at an angle. Firstly, we will be debugging the root cause of the issue. We’re adding more visual indicators in our internal build, to help identify the problem. We will start working on this from next week.

Something that has been requested by our regular players. They want to know when they perform an action and it fails, whether they were just unlucky or if it was a poor decision (based on the player attributes). We’ve designed something to display the data in a quick & easy way. 

We haven’t investigated fully, but from what I’ve seen it looks like an issue specifically with bot actions. We’ve had similar issues in the past, where bot players could reach a position not given to the user.

We know its something that causes a lot of frustration for some users. With the visual feedback mentioned above, we’ll be able to see easier if there is a bug in the calculations.

We will slightly nerf the GK actions further. Like blocking, we’ll use some of the visual feedback to guide us further. We’ll also make curving more influential in how difficult it is for a GK to hold onto a save.

We’ve had a few weeks to gather feedback on the updated tutorial. We’ve identified common issues and noted down common questions we receive while people are playing the tutorial. We’re going to add more hints & tips to the training drills.

We have a lot of stats/data in the game. We know it’s important to many of you, so we have identified some obvious bugs to fix initially. 

Stretch goals

These are tasks that we have in the pipeline, but may take longer to complete or just lower priority.

As many of you probably know already, we’ve been working with some machine learning experts to improve our AI. We’re aiming to release the 5v5 version in mid/late December. We’re not expecting the AI to be better than human players in this iteration. The main aim is for it to provide a more enjoyable experience to new users. 

It’s useful for users to perform scouting or try to learn from more experienced players. The players stats (match rating etc) will also be displayed.

This is the page which displays all your characters. We’ve been wanting to redesign it for a long time. The designs are complete now, so we’re hoping to push it live before Christmas.

Improvements to the current tools you have access to during a match. More consistent design and you’ll be able to see more useful information during a match.

One day…

Live user support

This is something we’re trialling. We hired some people to help us support new users, on a short term basis. We were able to get a lot of feedback on the new tutorials. It’s not financially viable to do for a long period of time at the moment, but if you are interested in helping new users please let us know. User retention is very important to us, so we’d really appreciate your support. The exact ways you can help us may change over time, but it’ll benefit us all if we can help new users to understand the game better and grow the community. 


The game is almost in a position for us to share with a wider audience. As mentioned above, the new AI is key to helping us improve the new user experience. So as we get closer to that goal, you’ll start to see more content coming out from us. We’re also looking to work with some content creators in the new year. So please look out for those videos and it would be great if you could like, comment, share etc to help us out. A lot of these plans depend on the stability of the game and so they’re not set in stone at this point. 

2021 is gonna be a make or break year for us. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed <3

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