Patch Notes – Balancing The Experience – Patch 2.3.2

Patch 2.3.2 - Balancing The Experience - Patch Notes

Major Changes

We have removed some features that were in place to help with early access testing.


Friendly matches are now limited to 10 per week. Managers will get a pop-up to notify them if they have reached the limit. Also, no funds will be earned for a match if the UDP of the team is under 50%. This is to avoid clubs “farming” money with matches they do not intend to play.

Additional positions can only be learnt in club matches. Custom matches and quick matches will not be counted.


User credits will no longer be rewarded after playing matches.

Minor Changes

Tournament intro
Fixed a bug where squad numbers are displayed under the player, during the tournament match intro.

Trial contract text
We’ve added some text to the trial contract pop-up, to give new users more information when they start.

Default squad
Fixed a bug where the default squad was not being saved for a club.

Action menu cut-of
The height of the action menu is now dynamic, to avoid users having to scroll if there are a lot of actions available.

GK actions
The tackle with hands action has been buffed slightly. Also, to avoid confusion the GK will not have a save option when interacting with passes & crosses.

Moments tutorial
The GK kit has been updated in the Bobby Sparks moment, to avoid confusion between clubs. The turn info panel has been disabled during the initial text help.

Ball path
Fixed an issue where the ball path would go out of sync in the 3rd phase.

Thank you as always for your support, if you have any suggestions for future patches let us know on Discord or twitter

Patch 2.3.1 – Server Upgrade Time – Patch Notes

Patch 2.3.1 - Server Upgrades and Bug Fixes

Since the introduction of our new 11-a side AI there has been noticable delay between turns as moves are processed in this patch we have focused on the back end of the game to improve this.

Turn Delay

Resolved an issue with our servers, which caused a noticeable delay/freeze between turns. This was due to the additional stress put on the server by the new AI. We will continue to monitor the situation and will look to make further improvements in the future.

Match Hotkeys

Users can now edit the hotkeys of the players they control during a match. This also includes the hotkey used by a manager, who controls an inactive player with pro license.

Action Menu Design

Added a border around the option which the mouse hovers over in the action menu during matches.

Attribute Decay

Fixed a few bugs with attribute decay, when characters get older. The current generation of early build characters didn’t lose as many stats as they should have before turning 30.

Quick Match Lobby

Fixed a bug with quick match lobbies, where some data would be out of sync.

As always we appreciate any feedback you may have, you can leave it in the form of a review on our Steam page, or head to our Discord and somebody will get back to you

Patch Notes – New User Ladders and More! – Patch 2.3.0

Thisweek we are pleased to bring you a large patch with a whole new system designed to get new users playing competitively from their very first login!

Major Changes

New User Ladders

We’ve created a new way to play the game, to integrate new players into the game quicker & easier. There will be ladder tournaments running throughout the day, which now include bot clubs. These clubs are self-managed by the game and play every day. They start with a group of bot players, but will look to fill the line-up with trial contract players immediately. As part of the character creation tutorial, users will be displayed with 3 contract offers from bot clubs playing in the closest time-slots available.
Trial contract players will be able to renew their contract with the bot team through the notification system. If a player becomes inactive or their trial contract expires, the position will be re-advertised on the trial contract page. The system will ensure there is always a club available to join for every position in each ladder tournament.
Managers will be able to view the most active players on the transfer market page. Trial contract players can be signed instantly on full contracts.

Minor Changes

Join match late

We’ve resolved the issue which caused some season matches to crash if a user joined the lobby slightly after kick-off.

Cursor Colour

We’ve resolved the issue which caused some season matches to crash if a user joined the lobby slightly after kick-off.

Turn Info Hotkey

The turn info panel, under the scoreboard, can now be viewed by pressing a hotkey. The default key is F.

Zoom Movement

We have now provided an option to move the camera with the arrow keys, rather than edge pan with your cursor. This is only possible when zooming in is enabled.

Match Sounds

We’ve added some basic match sounds to the game such as crowd noise, referee whistle and half time music.

System Settings

The design of the system settings page has been updated, to include the new elements mentioned above.

Group Stage UI

We’ve improved the design of the Cup tournament overview page, during the group stage.

Our 11-a-side AI has hit the gym – Patch 2.2.12 Notes – 05/12

Major Changes

11 VS 11 AI

  • We have updated the AI logic for 11v11 matches. The logic is slightly different to 5v5 games, mainly due to offside rules. The AI will be updated in all game modes, but we will disable if any issues are found.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Set Piece Radius

  • The area in which an opposition player can’t enter during a set-piece has been increased by around 50%.

Curving Change

  • Curving now has a direct impact on how easily an opponent player can intercept a pass, cross or shot. This includes goalkeeper actions. Above 50 curving will make it harder for an opponent to intercept, but below 50 curving will make it easier.

Action Menu

  • The design of the action menu has been updated, to be more consistent with other elements in the game.

As always we welcome any feedback on changes you would like to see to the game, The best place to leave feedback is through our official discord server or on twitter. Alternatively hit contact us and we will get back to you. Thank you for your ongoing support

New Tournament Type!? Player Snapshots Are Here

Patch 2.2.11

Major Updates

Snapshot tournaments:

As part of the recent attribute changes, we can now run tournaments based on the starting attributes of a player. So all characters will play as if we took a snapshot of their attributes when they were created. The only exception is for existing custom build characters, who will be given all-rounder attributes. Players of any age can play in the snapshot tournaments. Special actions are disabled in snapshot matches. Players can now view their starting attributes on the attribute page.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

Ball path:

Fixed a randomness bug, where the ball path would sometimes move slightly after the 2nd phase.

GK throw:

Players no longer have the option to block a goalkeeper throw.

Next fixture display:

Fixed a bug on the tournament page, where the wrong date was displayed under the next fixture column.

Tutorial drill:

We now allow users 3 moves to attempt to score in the 6th training drill, rather than 2.

As always we welcome any feedback or ideas you may have to help us improve our game. To get in touch with us head to our Twitter or Discord, finally you can get in touch by going to contact us