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Patch Notes – Balancing The Experience – Patch 2.3.2

Patch 2.3.2 - Balancing The Experience - Patch Notes

Major Changes

We have removed some features that were in place to help with early access testing.


Friendly matches are now limited to 10 per week. Managers will get a pop-up to notify them if they have reached the limit. Also, no funds will be earned for a match if the UDP of the team is under 50%. This is to avoid clubs “farming” money with matches they do not intend to play.

Additional positions can only be learnt in club matches. Custom matches and quick matches will not be counted.


User credits will no longer be rewarded after playing matches.

Minor Changes

Tournament intro
Fixed a bug where squad numbers are displayed under the player, during the tournament match intro.

Trial contract text
We’ve added some text to the trial contract pop-up, to give new users more information when they start.

Default squad
Fixed a bug where the default squad was not being saved for a club.

Action menu cut-of
The height of the action menu is now dynamic, to avoid users having to scroll if there are a lot of actions available.

GK actions
The tackle with hands action has been buffed slightly. Also, to avoid confusion the GK will not have a save option when interacting with passes & crosses.

Moments tutorial
The GK kit has been updated in the Bobby Sparks moment, to avoid confusion between clubs. The turn info panel has been disabled during the initial text help.

Ball path
Fixed an issue where the ball path would go out of sync in the 3rd phase.

Thank you as always for your support, if you have any suggestions for future patches let us know on Discord or twitter

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