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Patch 2.3.1 – Server Upgrade Time – Patch Notes

Patch 2.3.1 - Server Upgrades and Bug Fixes

Since the introduction of our new 11-a side AI there has been noticable delay between turns as moves are processed in this patch we have focused on the back end of the game to improve this.

Turn Delay

Resolved an issue with our servers, which caused a noticeable delay/freeze between turns. This was due to the additional stress put on the server by the new AI. We will continue to monitor the situation and will look to make further improvements in the future.

Match Hotkeys

Users can now edit the hotkeys of the players they control during a match. This also includes the hotkey used by a manager, who controls an inactive player with pro license.

Action Menu Design

Added a border around the option which the mouse hovers over in the action menu during matches.

Attribute Decay

Fixed a few bugs with attribute decay, when characters get older. The current generation of early build characters didn’t lose as many stats as they should have before turning 30.

Quick Match Lobby

Fixed a bug with quick match lobbies, where some data would be out of sync.

As always we appreciate any feedback you may have, you can leave it in the form of a review on our Steam page, or head to our Discord and somebody will get back to you

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