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Our 11-a-side AI has hit the gym – Patch 2.2.12 Notes – 05/12

Major Changes

11 VS 11 AI

  • We have updated the AI logic for 11v11 matches. The logic is slightly different to 5v5 games, mainly due to offside rules. The AI will be updated in all game modes, but we will disable if any issues are found.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Set Piece Radius

  • The area in which an opposition player can’t enter during a set-piece has been increased by around 50%.

Curving Change

  • Curving now has a direct impact on how easily an opponent player can intercept a pass, cross or shot. This includes goalkeeper actions. Above 50 curving will make it harder for an opponent to intercept, but below 50 curving will make it easier.

Action Menu

  • The design of the action menu has been updated, to be more consistent with other elements in the game.

As always we welcome any feedback on changes you would like to see to the game, The best place to leave feedback is through our official discord server or on twitter. Alternatively hit contact us and we will get back to you. Thank you for your ongoing support

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