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New Tournament Type!? Player Snapshots Are Here

Patch 2.2.11

Major Updates

Snapshot tournaments:

As part of the recent attribute changes, we can now run tournaments based on the starting attributes of a player. So all characters will play as if we took a snapshot of their attributes when they were created. The only exception is for existing custom build characters, who will be given all-rounder attributes. Players of any age can play in the snapshot tournaments. Special actions are disabled in snapshot matches. Players can now view their starting attributes on the attribute page.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

Ball path:

Fixed a randomness bug, where the ball path would sometimes move slightly after the 2nd phase.

GK throw:

Players no longer have the option to block a goalkeeper throw.

Next fixture display:

Fixed a bug on the tournament page, where the wrong date was displayed under the next fixture column.

Tutorial drill:

We now allow users 3 moves to attempt to score in the 6th training drill, rather than 2.

As always we welcome any feedback or ideas you may have to help us improve our game. To get in touch with us head to our Twitter or Discord, finally you can get in touch by going to contact us

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