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Patch 2.2.10 Minor Updates

Minor Updates

Hide chat
Users now have the option to hide the game chat during a match by pressing enter and using the checkbox. It will be reset at the start of each match.

Club managers
Users can now view a manager profile, from the club squad page. Main managers can also kick inactive assistants from this page.

Failed actions
After failing an action like tackle or save, the turn info panel wasn’t displaying the odds which has now been fixed.

Attribute decay
Some older players were losing attribute points below 0, so we’ve updated the logic to avoid this happening in the future.

Attribute screen
Some minor tweaks to the alignment of elements on the new attribute screen.

Tutorial moments
Fixed a bug where the pass/fail status wasn’t updating for some of the moments.

Driven pass
Fixed the turn info text for the driven pass special action.

As always if you have any ideas or feedback we would welcome them on Discord or through our Twitter.

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