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Patch 2.2.9 Attribute Screen and Custom Build Changes

Major Changes

Footballer attribute design
We’ve redesigned the footballer attribute screen, so all attributes are displayed on the screen without needing to scroll.

Custom build limit
We have restricted the maximum starting attribute for custom build players to 91, to be consistent with the rest of the builds. If you are looking to create a new custom character in the near future, we recommend waiting till the next patch. All will be revealed in the next patch!

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

AI temporarily disabled
The new AI we are using in 5v5 has been temporarily disabled in league & cup tournaments. This will avoid disruption to tournaments, while we continue to investigate the invisible arrow issue.

Red cards
We have prevented any fouls leading to a straight red card. The only way for a player to be sent off is with 2 yellow cards.

Post alignment
The alignment of the goal post in 5v5 has been slightly adjusted, after some feedback we received in a tournament match.

Tackle Soft
The soft tackle action has been slightly nerfed. It does not apply reaction logic and was too strong in some situations.

Transfer list
Managers can now remove players from the transfer list, if their situation has changed.

As always we weclome feedback from the community. The best place to send us feedback is through our official Discord server

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