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Patch 2.2.8 Character Page Redesign And Bug Fixes

Major Changes

Character Overview:
The character screen, where users can view all their characters owned, has had a significant redesign. It has a dynamic view depending on how many characters are owned. We’ve also made it quicker for users to access daily training and view who still has training outstanding.



Select match days
As part of the changes to trial contracts, managers can now set the days their club prefers to play. These will be displayed on the trial contract tiles, which new users will see. The days can be set on the trial contract pop-up for managers.


Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Lobby crash
We identified the root cause of some tournament lobbies crashing. Some of the data would get duplicated, if a user joined the lobby slightly late. We have prevented this, so joining slightly late won’t impact the lobby creation.

GK Punch
A bug with the turn info panel has been fixed, when the GK punch action is performed.

Fight for ball
We’ve fixed a few bugs with the calculations and turn info panel data for fight for ball actions.

Diving save
The diving save special action has been nerfed slightly.

As Always If You Have Any Bugs To Report Or Ideas For Improving The Game Head To Our Discord

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